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Shenzhen Jiasheng Aluminum Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

WhatsApp/Mobile: +86 189 3398 2031


WeChat: +8618933982031

Email: mrjiang@jslvsu.com

Factory Address: No. 18, Dongnan Road, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou

Let us work hard together!

Your trusted Chinese beauty packaging manufacturing company. If you need an immediate response, all emails sent to us will be answered within 24 hours.

Please contact us by phone or whatsapp message.


Contact: jonny

Phone: +86 18933982031

Tel: +86 18933982031

Email: mrjiang@jslvsu.com


Add: No. 18, South East, Shandong Avenue, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou

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