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About us

   Jiasheng Aluminum Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer. The self-developed main products are: lip gloss bottle, eyelash bottle, eyeliner bottle, lip balm tube, lipstick shell, powder box, skin care and other cosmetic packaging series. After years of development, the company has integrated all production processes from raw materials to finished products. Appearance color treatment uses injection color and spray processing, including vacuum spraying, painting, UV varnish and other surface processing. In addition, we also provide customers with professional printing processes such as bronzing and silk screen printing. With years of production experience, we believe in customer-oriented, closely follow the industry trend, tailor-made products according to customer needs, help improve customer product grades, and reflect its brand value. Let us work together, grow with each other, and let the pace of cooperation go farther and wider.


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Tel: +86 18933982031

Email: mrjiang@jslvsu.com


Add: No. 18, South East, Shandong Avenue, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou

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